de Groot Center for Ethics at Sanford Medical CenterThe de Groot Center at Sanford Medical Center

Bioethics, Humanities and the Healing Arts


Education is key to fulfilling The de Groot Center’s mission
to promote the understanding of ethics and caring issues among healthcare professionals and community members.

The DeGroot Center is an ethics consultation and education resource for Sanford Medical Center Sioux Falls and Sanford Health. The DeGroot Center is committed to providing patients, family members, and hospital staff with assistance addressing ethical issues that may arise before and during medical care. Clinical Ethics Consultation is a free service available to all patients, caregivers, and staff. In addition the DeGroot Center provides advanced care planning, education and Integrative health resources and consultation.






Library in Nianiar

Nianiar is a village of around 1000 inhabitants in rural Senegal, situated in the Mbour region, near Louly Bentégné. This project, of constructing a library, aims to bring the gift of reading to those people living in the village, to improve their quality of life and their education...Read More.